Understanding endocrine casts these misunderstanding

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 Misunderstanding one, more ” fill ” better

The Xiaozhang of magazine company gives birth to the child to have 5 years, husband and wife spent a paragraph of single time from different hind. Time grows, xiaozhang feels bosom unlike is full in that way before, begin atrophy, it is then when 35 years old with the mother estrogen of a profess to convinced. Last year new friend a boy friend, affectionate when Xiaozhang discovers bosom has touch a tender spot, be sufferred from to have mammary gland hyperplasia and uterine flesh tumor by fish.

The truth: Balance of the hormone inside human body is the most principal. As the change of habit of modern woman way of life, food and environmental element, a few new female physiology characteristics appear accordingly. The female is when 30 ~ is 50 years old, it is the fastigium of body endocrine estrogen, diseases of a lot of department of gynaecology, wait like cancer of breast cancer, uterus, ovarian cancer, having is the place inside system of deposit of trash of exorbitant, metabolization causes level of endocrinopathy, estrogen partly quite. The person’s body each systems are exquisite and harmonious fight, one branch alone show criterion often can give an issue.

Misunderstanding 2, feral thin as slender

Person whether is constant ground slender? Should jump Luo Sha has entered the coach of Latin dance to bear close after carrying slim figure 5 years, she 40 years old begins cannot check land adds weight.

Then she begins to implement plan reducing weight. Decrease take food, take medicaments, dance take exercise… but weight or upgrade are long. Then she eats one day fewerly than a day. Abrupt one day, she begins thin, later be the shadow of one’s former self child, because she got Jia Kang,be so, this is complete crumple up she wants slender good will only at any cost.

The truth: Human body is cervical have a small thyroid gland, basically be controlled by pituitary secrete hormone, controlling one the individual’s metabolism. A person is on a diet for long suddenly, meeting influence endocrine adjusts metabolic rate. Metabolism should put delay, because the body wants to save energy,be, and the food of that one little part that utmost favourable geographical position gets with it will maintain life. Endocrinopathy can cause thyroid disease, serious when can endanger life.

Misunderstanding 3, 30 years old, still grow whelk

30 years old, not be marriageable age already. Working strain has 4~5 only everyday the Chen Jun of hour Morpheus often feels fatigue, but those who make her feel interrogative is flowing face go up to often grow blain recently, be felt distressed by husband ground analogy is ” the 2nd adolescence of pitiful madam ” . Chen Jun thinks is pair of face ministries caress insufficient. Then she keeps washing a face, oily, flap, result blain blain is to wash more exuberant more. She also can say from ridicule ground only, oneself earned, others is compared in lifetime many adolescence.

The truth: Mental pressure and excessive and fatigue female, the estrogen inside itself body is balanced not easily, and stay up late for a long time when overworked, adrenal meeting secretes the leather fat ketone of antagonism pressure, it is similar and male hormone, can affect the metabolization of pore, blain blain is then inevitable. Some people return chairman to go out ” beard ” , cannot bear really for beautiful to love wife.

Misunderstanding 4, the desire drops, did not want to love

Ms. Huang that high post just rose in software company always is mood inquietude nearly most, ability has done not have the thought that runs quickly again 45 years old. Take following to go out collect folk songs, face beautiful moor, her heart is a gloomy, be agitated however. In the home she is not the caress that refuse even if dealing the man, in the unit she forgets a few file codes that once memorized via regular meeting. She often can have one to plant so tired that want to drop the feeling that go down. What she thinks the likelihood is he gets is too much, already have experienced great things presses water.

The truth: Greaten gradually as the age, be in between all sorts of hormone of the body produce change, but not be the ability that says you had lacked love absolutely. Making love is influential to the estrogen of the body, but below a lot of circumstances, the bewilderment of the pressure of the life, job, make made love to become insensibly deal with. And such love, balance endocrine impossibly not only, what still can bring about endocrine balance even is maladjusted. This moment, more it is to need psychology to adjust, not loath. He tells when wanting, face jointly, because of loath love, give oneself not only, he what also can love to you even brings negative effect.

Misunderstanding 5, prophylactic of profess to convinced is the safest

The Mei Mei’s couple with genial attentive is fourth gram family, mei Mei takes prophylactic of profess to convinced all the year round. Begin two years ago wigged, but subsequently and those who come is the about-face on Mei Mei disposition, blast of feral, doughty, contact. What the change that she praises oneself is an appearance let him cast off a daughter of an eminent family is creditable with confine, get alive more rate sex. But only her husband knows, hurricane type behavior of Mei Mei, a beautiful hair that depends on her already block does not live loess Gao Po.

The truth: The female protection as a result of female hormone, the skin will be so softer smooth, pore is meticulous, the growth that sends a root growth is more vigorous also. But take prophylactic of profess to convinced for a long time, estrogen may be caused to be not worth inside certain period. And when estrogen is lacked, the growth that can affect hair force, cause trichomadesis even. What should pledge according to individual body so is different, the choice suits his contraceptive method.

Misunderstanding 6, I use best cream only

Grow as the age, liang Taiceng began to appear via the white fair-skinneding skin that take great pride cannot the stain of cloak. She most on the thing of the heart is to all round the person asks, which kinds of method goes spot is best, which kinds of cosmetic goes spot is the most effective. So her money is spent for the most part was in buy cosmetic above, do not be afraid of the most expensive, but beg effective.

The truth: Use those cream that contain estrogen and remedy not for a long time, these material can make level of the estrogen inside body long-term on the high side, cause a lot of other diseases thereby. And although effective also be take temporary solution only not the method of the effect a permanent cure. Encounter this kind of problem, can go to a hospital seeking advice to the doctor. Maintain physiology to balance only, ability enjoys the life of healthy beauty.

A few a serious illness of aggregate sex acne because

Acne is the very common disease in real life, about this everybody very clear, acne basically grows to wait for significant position in facial ministry, brought due psychological responsibility to the patient so. The sort of acne has a lot of kinds again, for instance aggregate sex acne is a kind among them.

Aggregate sex acne is acne is serious model, have a lot of blackhead, pustular, cyst, abscess. Count an abscess polymerization and become aggregate sex acne, its characteristic is fester, abscess is communicated by the fistula, after heal, stay cave sexual scar or scar a knot in one’s heart. Want to know how to avoid this kind of malign acne, understand its cause of disease with respect to need.

The reason that aggregate sex acne comes on and below 4 elements concern:

1, adolescent male sex hormone is secreted make sebaceous glands active increase, secrete grow in quantity;

2, conduit of sebaceous glands of bursa of wool of stimulation of free fatty acid produces horn to change, bolt of wool bursa quarrel forms influence skin fat to be excreted normally;

3, deposit produces a bacterium in the leather fat of sebaceous glands (acne third acerbity bacterium) infection;

4, the free fatty acid of deposit stimulates wool bursa and penetrable wool bursa enters derma to cause inflammation. In addition, disorder, endocrine does not move function of bowel of job of sex of genetic, grease, oily cosmetic, stomach also with come on about.

Because of,what above place tells is a few a serious illness of aggregate sex acne, think great master through introducing me already very clear, hope everybody can cause enough understanding to aggregate sex acne. Undertake actively precautionary. If you still have the place with not obvious what, the welcome consults our online expert.

The expert answers doubt: He Wei ” battle blain ” 4 big errors

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Core clew: The happening of acne is put in the relation with a variety of elements. Friend of a lot of patients exists in battle blain process a few errors, let an expert help you correct now!

Whelk, namely acne, be a kind common the dermatosis of much hair, perplexed many little male girls at adolescence. Expert introduction, horn of conduit of sebaceous glands of bursa of lopsided, wool changes the happening of acne and hormone standard a variety of elements such as infection of excessive, bacterium are put in the relation. And friend of a lot of patients exists to the cure of acne a few errors, concerned expert summed up the following:

1, the happening of acne and endocrine are having close connection, on one hand the development of sebaceous glands and secrete a function to suffer androgen to control directly, on the other hand, a few specific enzymatic active heighten inside body, can promote the ketone of Shuang Qing Gao with stronger active of Gao ketone translate into, exciting sebaceous glands secretes grow in quantity, often patient of a lot of females accentuates in the acne before period, this is the result that the androgen inside body fluctuates normally, not be to say female existence menstruation is maladjusted.

2, acne pathogeny is many sided, food of certain tall fat, high quantity of heat can bring about leather fat to secrete really overmuch, aggravating acne illness. Accordingly, acne patient needs food of proper and abstemious tall fat, high quantity of heat. But, because fruit of compose cause of formation concerns,these food itself do not send cause of disease with acne, so, cannot control of pure support food will treat acne, and the medicaments that must issue acne of standard use treatment in doctor guidance.

3, pore jams is a when cause acne to come on main reason, but, because the skin is caused completely filthily,pore jams is not simply, consider to confirm, because the horn of pore is changed,acne patient pore jams basically is unusual, sebaceous glands secretes grease to be caused too much, according to investigation, some cosmetic also can jam pore. So, acne patient is pure things of use skin cleanness, if dispel blain washs grandma to replace,medication acne, these are unscientific, had better be normative below the doctor’s guidance make a diagnosis and give treatment.

4, some patients take right amount prophylactic to also can cure acne now, friend of a lot of females follows suit blindly also, this also cannot be taken, prophylactic has the effect of the androgen inside counteractive body, reduce acne happening thereby. But, clinical confirm, prophylactic also can cause undesirable reaction, without what distinct curative effect also is after many patients are used. The expert reminds should careful with prophylactic, had better be drug is used below the guidance of relevant expert, do sth without authorization of avoid by all means uses drug, bring serious consequence.

What does the reason that acne grows on the face have

Acne, basically send Yu Qing’s boy more, main conference appears on facial ministry and back, grow to affecting the figure of people badly on the face especially, because this everybody can consider all sorts of methods,come dispel acne, but purify acne also should pay attention to proper method. What do we basically explain the reason that acne grows on the face to have today?

Expert introduction, endocrine recuperation is undeserved it is one of reasons that acne grows on the face: When young men and women enters adolescence, male hormone increases, make sebaceous glands increases, grow in quantity of leather fat eduction, the leather fat that arises like fruit sebaceous glands passes wool funnel smoothly, express to body from pore eduction, won’t produce acne. Additional, the reason that acne grows on the face still has ab extra factor: If medicaments stimulation, cosmetic reachs the mechanical sexual excitement acne that all can make Pi Zhibi gives suffocate suffocate and causes different type. Cause a reason to differ, the remedial method that we use and preventive are all also different.

So we want active precaution, can be reduced or prevent the damage of appearance. Actually, the reason of acne has a lot of kinds, because element is complex,come on. From the point of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s angle, acne is filled because of body heat more, or food of the be bored with that feed fertilizer, or because the mood is undesirable,heat of the classics that send lung is filled, or taste damp and hot, long fluid of burnable shade sends flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability. Bring about blood to heat up poison to fill thereby, deposit of damp and hot is become at the face. Acne grows on the face, in daily life the patient must add an attention more, , avoid above element to bring about suffer from on acne, after growing acne, everybody should maintain happy mood above all, maintain cutaneous cleanness, make sure enough sleep, reasonable arrangement food is waited a moment, ability assists remedial acne effectively, in case acne grows more more, prevent to produce infection and leave scar.

What above place says is the reason that acne grows on the face, think great master through introducing me already very clear, hope afore-mentioned content can are opposite those who cause everybody is enough take seriously, if what you still have not to understand a place, the welcome consults our online expert, they are solved can patiently for you!

Green no longer however blain blain as before reason

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Core clew: Adolescent acne, cure is in mainly on anxious (like) of lung, the upper respiratory tract, with clear lung heat is given priority to, can use alexipharmic thing, for instance silver-colored flower, Forsythia suspensa is mixed dandelion.

“Previously, long acne is a natural phenomenon completely, adolescence passes, very few somebody grows acne again. ” dermatosis expert Professor Yao tells, “Nevertheless, we discover, not little now after 25 years old, even person of many years old 40 still is in keep growing acne. Even person of many years old 40 still is in keep growing acne..

Clear lung heat, attune is secreted

The age of acne patient paragraph different, remedial principle is not same also.

The acne after adolescence, closely related the endocrinopathy with human body, so cure should adjust endocrine first, give priority to in order to move kidney, can use drought lotus grass, head black, n/bot glossy privet child, the medicaments such as rhizome of wind-weed, Huang Bai, in officinal and OK the drug that differentiate card chooses the nourishing kidney shade such as bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia.

Say commonly, on the base that uses Chinese traditional medicine in differentiate card, can cooperate to take a few restrain androgen excretive medicaments, for instance Xi Mi replaces guanidine of Mi of cyanogen of fourth, armour to wait, microelement dextrose is for instance acerbity zinc, antibiotic for instance the medicaments such as erythromycin, use drug continuously 4 weeks, can have the effect of first-rate cleared acne.

Acne type is different, treatment is different

The acne need of a little special kind is special with medicine. If the cyst phenomenon of acne patient is relatively apparent, there is scleroma on the face, for a long time cannot be pacified, need is added with dispel wet expectorant medicaments with ventilated loose, dried tangerine or orange peel, the tuber of pinellia and white mustard seed are the good choice that use drug.

If hoary head acne is serious, concern very likely with gastric bowel damp and hot, can use be good at lienal change wet medicaments, for instance the rhizome of Chinese atractylods is mixed Huang Bai.

Still have, if complexion dark and gloomy, acne color is deeper, pigment trace tardy cannot subsidise, can use remedy of invigorate the circulation of blood, for instance the root of red-rooted salvia, the five spices, myrrh.

Treat acne to be returned so that observe defecate condition, companion has costive word, probable the explicit expression that is gastric bowel damp and hot, need uses Chinese rhubarb and plaster stone.

Acne also is not green patent again

Professor Yao is analysed, the element that violates human body internal system now is too much, for instance environmental pollution, birth age is deferred etc. Previously, legitimate child of many years old of 20 knot is a business that does not pass again naturally, broke this law now, the endocrine very easy overbalance of human body, accordingly, the female there are plenty of such people of acne still grows after 25 years old now.

Differ with the acne that happens after adolescence, the acne of adolescent happening basically is concerned with lobar stomach damp and hot, show the symptom of a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood, acne is for instance red relatively apparent, grow pustule easily. Why can lobar heat cause acne? Original, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks ” superficial knowledge combines outside lung ” , lung and fur are having close connection on physiology, pathology. In addition, “Lung and large intestine are ” , this also can explain why the acne when constipation will be aggravating.

Cerebral door grows the reason of acne

Acne is we see most skin disease in the life, the skin of one seed coat that each personage love the United States abhors is ill, acne increases a lot of trouble to apprentice, especially good hair at cerebral door, so what is the reason that cerebral door grows acne? Listen to the expert’s introduction.

Bacterium: If be used for a long time in the if in bread impertinent cosmetic and maintain article, or it is small my sanitation habit is owed how, these form the acne bacili in wool bursa simply a lot of multiply, can accelerate the show effect of acne next.

The hormone inside body excretes unbalance, make skin grows blain. This cause is compared in adolescent time common. Hormone excretes unbalance to also can form leather fat to excrete directly too exuberant, accentuate further next the state of blain blain. Oily skin, sebaceous glands is too flourishing, leather fat has excreted flourishing. Hypothesis pore is jammed or discharge oil as a result of other cause occasion not free, so sebaceous glands continues to excrete, leather fat is accumulated in pore rise, protuberant, become blain.

Acne initial stage comes on often present adolescent of young men and women, give priority to in order to come loose in hammock rash of the gender. Be not phlogistic sex harm to be acne, mostly the center has one macula, all round color is red, knead with finger hold have eduction of bolt of fat of white of appearance of grain of rice, often also be called acne by everybody; Also have those who say black head. A few small papula that show hoar, without black head, often be called hoary head acne by everybody. Be like annex inflammation, coping show effect is little pustular, defeat the meeting after breaking through rehabilitation to stay pass pigment sex sober or have longitudinal scar; Some can break out subsequently the pathological changes such as tubercle and scar, and even broken after;burst;ulcerate;festering and present scar ceaselessly. How to treat spot bald

Dietary respect: Eat hot food less (wait like chili, green, garlic) , eat fat food less (wait like animal oil, vegetable oil) , eat sweet food less (like carbohydrate, coffee kind) , eat less ” hair content ” (hotpot of the \ that be like a dog) , appropriate eat cool sex vegetable, unripe fruit, also prevent gastric disease of the occasion after excessive. Had better not smoke, do not drink reach strong tea to wait, acne of mobile sex, inflammation sex (like papule, abscess) the patient should bask less, prevent sand blown by wind, too too too cold, hot, wet place is right also acne unlucky.

Above the reason that these respects are cerebral door long acne, think great master through introducing me already very clear, hope afore-mentioned content can be helped somewhat to everybody, if you still have the place with not obvious what, the welcome consults our online expert, they are solved can patiently for you!

What should acne of the precaution in daily life notice

What should acne of the precaution in daily life notice? This is an issue that a lot of people want to understand, acne is the disease of very common skin of one seed coat in daily life, the exterior figure to the person very big impact, and still can cause certain effect to the patient’s psychology. What should acne of the precaution in so daily life notice? Acne prevents below.

1, acne patient should notice food, blood of drinker’s wager game turns for weak acidity, create acne problem secondhand, drinking meeting quickens blood to circulate, detonate acne.

2, the precaution of acne wants an attention to often cannot be harmed by what sunshine basks in not only ultraviolet ray continuously, because this meeting makes the exudation of sweat gland and sebaceous glands active, block pore, quicken the agnail of acne inflammation. Must have made so prevent bask in the job. The food that the precaution of acne still needs to notice the volume that contain iodine is heavy (be like laver) , erupt in acne period should avoid feed less.

3, it is facial that the precaution of acne still has massage should proper, although this can promote haemal circulation, but because massage aggravation to affect more bacteria even,meet when the acne that there is inflammation on the face, so all over the face acne when still avoid as far as possible.

Afore-mentioned content introduced acne of the precaution in daily life to want what to notice, through afore-mentioned content introductions everybody should understand precautionary acne to need what to notice now, hope afore-mentioned content introductions can be helped somewhat to everybody. If you still have what doubt, can consult our online expert, the expert will be solved patiently for you.

Expert clew: “Whelk ” change medicine repeatedly or come destroy a look

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Core clew: Remedial whelk had better be checked to specialized subject outpatient service, doctor suit the remedy to the case is crucial, must do a system to treat, do not use a hand to squeeze casually. If use a hand to squeeze easy infection, light aggravating illness, destroy a look again.

Live in hole of dragon of area of Guangzhou city the Milky way the A Mei of some village, how cannot also think of, when be being squeezed because of him whelk unexpectedly the face that within an inch of destroyed him. To this, dermatological department expert suggests: Whelk does not want to be squeezed casually, some whelk get effective slower, impossible that one pace reachs the designated position. Some patients relapse as a result of the illness, lie between 34 days to change medicine, change medicine to may send illness accentuation repeatedly, with medicine undeserved can destroy a look even.

According to Introduction A Mei, she is what whelk grows on the face begin 5 years ago, as it happens has a friend to introduce a boy friend to her at that time, for this, she is irritated dead, beg cure to ask medicine everywhere, spend many money and time, want to hear a kind of method tries rapidly only. Can be do sth over and over again for a long time, oneself are very helpless undertake squeezing to the mirror, after been squeeze, in the heart very comfortable, squeeze more more later, on the face everywhere blain. Later, beg examine to dermatological department of armed police hospital, dr. Yang Yang undertakes assessment to her illness, classification, assess is acne 3 class, with Gong Laguang illuminate, medicaments guides and a few physics such as comprehensive treatment treat medicaments face film, and medicaments of profess to convinced. Held to two months, whelk decreased many, through 4 months system remedial whelk was done not have actually.

To this, dr. Yang points out: Remedial whelk had better be checked to specialized subject outpatient service, doctor suit the remedy to the case is crucial, had better want to do a system to treat, do not use a hand to squeeze casually. If use a hand to squeeze easy infection of one party countenance, light aggravating illness, destroy a look again; Current, the diagnostic level with current international is divided for 3 degrees of 4 class. Spend the class that it is Ⅰ gently: Basically be acne, expression is leather damage, facial have a few papula and pustular; The class that it is Ⅱ spends in: Have acne, the papula that has moderate amount is very pustular, at this moment the hand squeezes the easiest infection, aggravating illness; Ⅲ class is spent in, expression is mixed for a large number of papula pustular, see damage of big phlogistic sex skin occasionally; Spend the class that it is Ⅳ again, expression is facial ministry sex of tuberculous, cyst or aggregate sex acne, majority has ache and form cyst.

Of whelk of Dr. Yang union evaluate, still put forward to medication treat a method with physics. He suggests to be treated to Ⅰ class, should with external use medicine is given priority to; Ⅱ class cure should increase physics to treat on the foundation of the outer cure that use drug, if undertake therapeutics of red blue light, smooth motivation wait,treat a method; Ⅲ class is treated, on the foundation that treats jointly, increase antibiotic basics treatment, treat time at this moment the likelihood is a bit longer, but want a system, cannot the illness alleviates need not medicine, relapse the most easily at this moment; Ⅳ class is treated, medicaments of profess to convinced, add the 3rd class to treat uses combination to treat a method;

Dr. Yang still complements, to Ⅰ class acne can use proper cosmetic treatment, the had better have a doctor major of Ⅰ class above is directive. Some whelk get effective slower, impossible that one pace reachs the designated position. Some patients relapse as a result of the illness, lie between 34 days to change medicine, still have a try anything when in a desperate situation, use folk folk prescription, make gently blain blain be well established and vigorously developed, heavy criterion, destroy a look likely. These are undeserved those who advocate. In treating a process, notice avoid certain food even, do not stay up late, defecate unobstructed waters more, adjust digestion function, these all conduce to acne cure.

What does the reason that acne forms have

Acne, we had seen in the life, it is a kind of dermatosis that affects our exterior figure badly, and still be met ugly scar leaves on our face. So what does the reason that acne forms have? We let understand in detail below.

  The reason of acne figuration:

One, Chang Chao just retires for the night after 12 o’clock too (cause endocrine disorder, make sebaceous glands excessive secrete) .

2, love eats the flesh, fry, desert, do not love to eat green vegetables fruit (eat the flesh not to eat vegetables and fruits to be able to make digestion abnormal, ) of body endotoxin accumulation.

3, like to wash a face, a day of face that washs above more than 2 times (skin of the excessive stimulation that wash a face secretes more grease) .

4, the habit touchs a face, touch a hair or be the habit that useful hand holds cheek in the palm (because this touchs a face go up and the bilge classics regular meeting on the hand produces whelk) .

5, like to eat surface of fastfood, bubble to should eat late at night (cause constipation easily, cause) of whelk, acne.

6, drink water rarely (skin is short of water nature to be able to stimulate) of pore eduction grease.

7, before sleeping, do not do calisthenic (some of extend motion is done to be able to help peristalsis of intestines and stomach moderately before sleeping, stimulative metabolism, help eduction toxin) .

8, perspiration hind or after washing a face, the habit that wipes a face without conveniently (alkalescent sweat is helpful for bacterial breed, neuter water quality will be attenuant the acidity of leather fat film, the ability that the bacterium outside letting resistance invades is abate) .

What does the reason that acne forms have? Think great master through introducing me already very clear, hope everybody can raise vigilance, great attention. The hospital that major goes to on the horse that discovers what is not right checks cure. If you still have the place with not obvious what, the welcome consults our online expert, they are solved can patiently for you!

What is the preventive of acne?

Acne, the name is whelk, acne, dark sore, it is a kind of of dermatological department common disease, such disease basically happens in teenage period, this disease is a kind of chronic illness that happens at wool bursa sebaceous glands, happen at the position such as woman’s head-ornaments ministry, cervical, bosom, back more, such disease can cause certain effect to the person’s appearance, how to prevent such disease to become a lot of people to think known answer, the preventive that everybody tells acne below.

The preventive of acne:

1. Eat fruit and vegetable more

The fruit that is helpful for reducing a skin to fat is secreted and promote acne to cicatrization especially and vegetable should take more, be like: Apple, pear, tomato, watermelon, cucumber, towel gourd, wax gourd, balsam pear, but the attention resembles litchi, orange, the fruit of the high in syrup such as Durian should eat less.

2. Often wash a face

Oily skin is facial it is very important that cutaneous grease clears, should everyday multi-purpose hot water washs a face a few times, can choose sulfureous toilet soap, boric acid toilet soap restrain toilet soap of leather fat excretive, in nose ala the skin of place should be cleaned mainly.

3. . Avoid mechanical extruding acne

Although the eliminates to be helpful for acne heal of the fat bolt of acne, but still do not advocate squash with hand and appliance machinery, because extruding hind causes fat bolt very easily,impact causes farther deep-seated inflammation inside dermal layer, leave pigment easily at the same time ad cool-headed with spot mark, especially to spot mark constitutional friend should notice this more. If want to eliminate fat bolt really, the acne with relatively apparent to black head proposal squashs with special acne implement undertake extruding, notice disinfection avoids to affect at the same time, also can go to a hospital undertaking nursing.

4. The habit that nurturance moves everyday, moderate campaign can promote metabolism, have favorable effect to the body and skin, but must not 5 minutes of heat, want to perserve, remember, even if everyday gymnastics of 3 minutes, also be the secret that holds beautiful skin.

5. Notice facial cleanness: Commonly used Wen Shui washs a face, because cold water is not easy purify grease, hot water promotes leather fat to secrete, need not excitant soap, sulfureous toilet soap has certain profit to acne, do not use vanishing cream and other oil kind cosmetic.

6. Reasonable food: Eat vegetable and fruit more, eat less adipose, saccharide and wait for excitant food tartly, maintain defecate unobstructed.

7. Do not squash with the hand acne, lest cause fester inflammation, abscess is broken;burst;ulcerate;fester scar and pigment are formed after absorbing ad cool-headed, the influence is beautiful. Antibiotic has curative effect to what infection weighs.

8. Cure: Fat of amine of the formic acid that use dimension, dimension, reach vitamin A to wait, can improve horn to change a course, will conduce to reduce and eliminate acne. Somebody covers, acyl of armour of benzene crossing oxygen treats acne to have apparent curative effect, its besmear is after human body surface, give off oxygen adagio, have apparent antiseptic effect. Take 0.5 ~ solution of 1% vitriolic zinc, everyday 3, every time 30 milliliter. Use drug commonly 4 ~ 8 weeks, during taking drug local brush a few vitamin B6 cold cream, also have better effect. Female acne patient menstruation is abnormal at the same time person, can use female phenol of small dose ethylene, daily profess to convinced 0.25 milligram, have artificial cycle, can make acne improves, menstruation also returns to normal. At the same time acne of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine combines a recipe, cooperate medicaments to undertake physiotherapy, yu is changed to invigorate the circulation of blood since, adjust gas blood, improvement the action that skin blood circulates, achieve the result of cure.

9. Strike a proper balance between work and rest, maintain spirit happy, very beneficial to the cure of acne. Grew acne psychology not to produce a load, lest cause nerve endocrine disorder, make acne aggravating. If feel the acne that goes up from personal face is not hinderous, also must not use drug, can wait for its nature subsidise, because any marks won’t leave commonly after acne subsidise.

10. Eat kelp to prevent acne. Occupy medical researcher to discover, in taking the teenage crowd with more kelp, the person that has acne is very few, investigate its reason, therefore with contain in kelp taller zincic element is concerned. Zinc is the microelement with indispensable human body, it can enhance the immune function of airframe not only, and still can participate in cutaneous to metabolize normally, make epithelial normal become divided, reduce wool bursa sebaceous glands to guide the horn of nozzle is changed, be helpful for eduction of sebaceous glands secretion.

In daily life, we should accomplish vegetable of much draft fruit to wait for this kind to be helpful for grease excretive thing, still should accomplish often wash a face, avoid extruding, notice facial cleanness strikes a proper balance between work and rest, maintain spirit happy. If accomplishing these, be can reduce acne effectively come on probability, but if make the patient of acne really, you also need not exorbitant is self-abased, we should be faced with active state of mind, treat well.